Mister Pterodactyl
Saturday, March 27, 2004
A couple follow-ups:

First, some time ago I had a theory about the character Adam Knight on the TV show Smallville. Fortunately I didn't say exactly what my theory was, because I was completely wrong.
The theory? Let's just say I heard a rumor that a young Bruce Wayne would be making an appearance in the future.

Second, never did hear back from Cal Thomas. Sissy.

Third, much more recently I discovered, courtesy Bravenet.com, that I was third on Google's list of sites referencing 'planet sidna.' Forget that. Now I'm first. Glee.
Now I have to find out how those search engines work (FYI, last I checked I was third on AOL's engine, and tenth on another one I've never heard of). You'd think there'd be news sites up there, and I've seen posts about it on many other blogs. How did I get on there? Moreover, none of the other top 10 even seem to be about the new "planet."
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