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Friday, February 20, 2004
Really haven't felt like writing lately. Just seems like everything that comes to mind is a rehash of stuff I've already done. To wit:

1) The 'Bush lied about WMD' thing is played. It's just 'Bush made up a reason to go to war,' which in essence is itself a made-up reason to criticize Bush. And the 'should have gone to the UN' thing? Please. This is what I can't stand about John Kerry.
[By the way, I'm sure it's occurred to many people already, but if it wasn't for Dean, do you think Kerry and Edwards would have voted against the $87 billion?]
2) North Korea needs to provide total transparency, no strings attached, to weapons inspectors and human rights groups, and to start standing down its on-line forces. Only then should we consider sending aid.
3) If you strip away the religion and tradition, 'marriage' is just a government-sanctioned contract between two people. The government should be willing to grant it to all or to none.

You see what I mean. However I have been reading a book about the Riemann Hypothesis (warning: it's a little on the arcane side). "All non-trivial zeroes of the Zeta function have real part one-half." The thing is, once definitions for 'Zeta function' and 'real part' have been provided, I actually know enough math to understand it. Scary.

Mind you I can't tell you what the hypothesis is good for. It has something to do with determining the number of primes in a given range. It hasn't actually been proven yet, and was included in David Hilbert's speech at the International Congress of Mathematicians in August, 1900 as #8 in a list of 23 mathematical problems that needed solving in the new century.

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