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Monday, February 02, 2004
I'm overreacting today. Here's something from Steven Den Beste, in which he discusses another article. The money quote:

“My kid is in the fifth grade,” Omar Bagour,a columnist for Al Madina and a professor of economics at King Abdul Aziz University, told me. “Out of twelve subjects, seven are pure religion You tell me a system of this nature is going to bring into the labor force a highly qualified Saudi? Bullshit.” The religious establishment, however, wants education to become even more Islamic. “Educational systems of atheist nations and civilizations cannot be like the systems of a believing nation,” Saalih Ibn Humayd, a Saudi cleric, warned in a recent speech.
Now read this, via Instapundit.

In the past, [Georgia Superintendent of Schools Kathy] Cox, has not masked her feelings on the matter of creationism versus evolution. During her run for office, Ms. Cox congratulated parents who wanted Christian notions of Earth and human creation to be taught in schools.

"I'd leave the state out of it and would make sure teachers were well prepared to deal with competing theories," she said at a public debate.

Like I said, I'm overreacting - this is a hell of a stretch. But I'd like to know what 'competing theories' she's talking about. Other than, you know, that one. I also wonder if there's more on the agenda.

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