Mister Pterodactyl
Saturday, February 14, 2004
I got this article from a newsgroup I subscribe to. It's one of the most compelling I've had in quite a while. Here's a brief summary:

1) NK's food crisis was brought on by it's own government, not by any natural disaster or outside interference.
2) The only real way to end that crisis is reform, not aid.
3) It is therefore immoral to continue trying to appease and prop up Kim's regime.
4) Let's not forget who the good guys are here.

Side note: the USA is the most powerful and successful nation in history for a reason, and that reason is not size or resources, though they are a factor. The real reason is twofold; democracy and free markets. Other nations who want to emulate our success would do well to emulate that first. Forsooth.

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