Mister Pterodactyl
Monday, January 19, 2004
Y'know, out of the last ten plays, only one was a pass, and every play got more than one yard. Go to the line. Try the hard count, try to draw the encroachment, and when the clock counts down to two, or one, snap the ball and run the RB sneak. Davenport and Green slam into the line. Itwas only two feet. Tell me it wouldn't have worked.

whaddaya mean, "get over it?"

Other notes. Here's where the Bears are at: their new head coach says his first priority is to beat the Packers (and what kind of name is Lovie, anyway?).
Also, to the Minnesota (gak) Vikings, everybody enjoying the playoffs on TV? I know, you're going to make some snide remark about our ignominious end, but at least we were there. And you couldn't have gotten past Seattle. See you next year.
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