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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Let’s recap.

Brett Favre:
Touchdown pass in 25 games.
65.39% completion percentage.
League-leading 32 TD passes, 4th time, career.
Completed passes to 12 receivers vs. Oakland.

Ahman Green:
1883 rushing yards in a season.
218 rushing yards in a single game.
98 rushing yards on a single carry.
20 touchdowns in a season.
10 100-yard rushing games.
Four consecutive 100+ yard rushing games.
4.71 yards per carry.
355 rushing attempts.
2250 total yards.

Ryan Longwell:
844 points in a season.
182 field goals, career.

Josh Bidwell (okay, kicking and punting stats not sexy, but still):
308 straight punts without a block.

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila:
10+ sacks in 3 consecutive seasons.

2558 rushing yards.
5.05 rushing yards per carry.
19 sacks allowed, least in a season since the 16-game schedule began.
3-game streak (Detroit, Arizona, Chicago) with zero sacks allowed.

All Packer records.

And let’s not forget the 191 straight regular-season starts.

Incidentally, the Packers have the highest winning percentage (.669), most playoff games (17), and most playoff victories (10) in the last ten years of any NFL team. They’re tied with San Francisco for most playoff appearances (8). SF is second in every other category.

Aside to the Minnesota Vikings: chew your food.

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