Mister Pterodactyl
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
I've been away, so let me catch up on a couple things. First, could somebody lend me $200 million so I can buy the Brewers?

More importantly, the Iowa caucus. John Kerry wins by a voting system that isn't even representative of the participants' views, much less of the whole state. And sure enough, somebody dropped out because of it. Not that I'm a Gephardt fan, but if you are you should be pissed off that something like this gets such a disproportionate influence on the election.

Finally, I didn't see the SOTU speech, but I did see Nancy Pelosi's half of the Dem's rebuttal. Anybody else think her speech was canned? Seemed like it could have been written before the SOTU.
More on that, maybe, after I 'sphere-surf it.
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