Mister Pterodactyl
Monday, December 15, 2003
Rarely have I been so eager to get to my morning paper. Packers win, Vikings lose! Ahman Green finally breaks the team's season rushing record - 1474 yards back in 1962. They only played a 14 game season back then, and Green broke the record in 14 games. Brett Favre broke a team record with his 23rd game with at least one TD pass. And Ryan Longwell is now the team's all-time leading scorer, passing Don Hutson who set the record with 823 points in 1945.

Oh yeah, and there seems to be some kind of big event over in Iraq. I haven't been able to learn much, but from pictures on CNN it appears that American soldiers have discovered Charles Manson hiding in a basement near Tikrit. More on this as information becomes available, oh loyal readers.

UPDATE: Instapundit scooped me on the Manson thing like 18 hours ago, but he blogs all day. Also, I predict that the most-uttered word on late-night talk shows this week will be 'spiderhole.'
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