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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Apparently some problems at Blogger today, so I couldn't get in until now. I was going to post prior to the game, to say the following. NFL-and Packer Hall of Famer Jim Taylor set the Packers' single season rushing record of 1474 yards in (contrary to a previous post) 1962. He got those yards in a 14 game season, with 272 carries. This year, Ahman Green had 1383 yards in 12 games and 262 carries. I was going to predict that today Green would break the record. It was only 92 yards, and after all, it's the Bears.

However, teams are starting to figure out the Pack's rushing game, and Green was held to 80 yards in 30 carries. Still, Packers 34, Bears 21.

By the way, did everybody (because this blog is read by millions) notice the block by Nick Barnett on McKenzie's interception return? If that kid isn't rookie of the year, I'm calling my congressman.
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