Mister Pterodactyl
Sunday, November 23, 2003
One more thing before I catch a nap (big game today). I posted earlier about gay marriage. Not sure that I sufficiently stressed that it seems to me to be a debate more about the word 'marriage' than anything. Further, I'm deferring judgement on the idea of gay couples adopting, or producing children through artificial insemination or the like. Reason being, a heterosexual couple provides both a male and female adult role model. Of course those situations aren't always perfect either, and I can produce no arguments that definitely exclude gay couples from child rearing. I'm waiting.

Anyway, I want to draw attention to Dahlia Lithwick and David Brooks, both of whom have recently written excellent posts supporting gay marriage.

And yes, I know no one is reading this. I just wanted to save the links.
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