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Friday, November 14, 2003
Hi. I've been trying to decide what my first post should be about; I've concluded that I should be writing whatever's on my mind. There are lots of things I want to comment on, but there's even more time in which to comment, so it's good. Here goes.
The local paper had a bunch of letters from high school students yesterday. They were all members of a Latino studies history class, and their teacher had them read a newspaper piece as an assignment. The piece was apparently arguing against giving rights to illegal immigrants.
The letters were all very well written (especially for a bunch of teenagers). They were, however, very poorly reasoned (forgiven for a bunch of teenagers). I say this because every single one asked that the writer of the original article consider the other side of the coin - that is, the viewpoint of the immigrants themselves - but not one of them did the same. Each defended the immigrants and expounded on their reasons for coming, illegally, to this country. I am going to try to do otherwise.
First, I understand that these people are trying to make their lives better. And I appreciate that they came to the USA to do so. That's a compliment to my country, that they thought America offered the best chance. Further, I hate to see anyone go without medical care, education for their children, or any of the many opportunities I enjoy. These are important to note, and the students' letters stressed them.
However, to quote Dennis Miller, the reason I'm opposed to illegal immigration is: IT'S ILLEGAL. Those IIs who find jobs do pay taxes. Most live good, law-abiding (except for the one thing) lives. I have no statistics, but on the other hand the concern that IIs cost society more in social services than they add in taxes is a valid one, and the statement that most of the jobs they take are ones that most Americans do not want needs proving.
What are the requirements for citizens of other countries to enter this one legally, and to work here? Are they too harsh? Should they be amended? I conclude that instead of adding rights for illegal immigrants, those requirements should be revisited, and if found to be unfair they should be altered.
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